Perfect ride

In the interior of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, which purpose was neglected for years (closed down for renovation for 5 years now), a skater is trying to perform what is most important for him – the perfect ride. The atmosphere of timelessness that is dominant in the space of the “abandoned” Museum of Contemporary Art appeared perfect as the scenery for a incompatible action that gave its endless reconstruction new character. In this way, I wanted to show the intimate and intense moments of connection between a young man and his skills to the forgotten building of the Museum and thereby retrieve the grandeur and importance of this building through a moment that, as the action unfolds, becomes a very important experience for young actor in the video. This video is essentially a homage to the building – the master piece of modernistic architecture in Yugoslavia – that, despite all current technical shortcomings, remains a monumental and incredibly powerful.

video, color, sound, 5’ 04” looped
The video Perfect ride is in the Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade.


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