I’m like you

In case of Sunset and I’m like you, the landscape served as a basis around which the textual narrative was built. In both cases, the work came to life as an error by manual manual repetition and it aims to increase the artificiality in creating an image out of a motive from nature.

An aluminium panel treated with colours normally used on cars, polished to high gloss, is transformed into a horizon of a blue sky, wherein a quotation from the book Future of Nostalgia by the author Svetlana Bojm is incepted. The champagne bottles placed on the floor of the gallery further emphasise the situation in which the problems of alienation in immigration are solved, if only for a moment.

“I am a Berliner, he told me in Russian. I feel good here. But now I go back to Mongolia every summer.  I am like you. If I go there I feel like a tourist and if I stay here I feel like a tourist. You know how I get out of this? I fly Berlin – Ulan Bator on Air France. They have the best Champagne”

Aluminium, automotive paint, 125 x 200 x 5 cm
Exhibition Ruins of Future Utopia, Eugster || Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition photos: © Ivan Zupanc, © Andrija Rancić



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