Melanchoy, proposal for a monument

The sculpture Melancholy, proposal for a monument is a 1:1 reconstruction of a segment of the front entrance to the Serbian pavilion in Venice, transposed to the gallery space. The proposal has been made in realistic dimensions inside the gallery as a response to the impossibility of installing the work on the original façade in the Giardini. The inscription Yugoslavia, the name of a country that has not existed since 1991 above the front entrance was used as a basis for a textual intervention, initiated by a walk through the Giardini during the winter, while it was empty. Quite spontaneously, while standing in front of, at that moment, “abandoned” Serbian pavilion, and while looking at the name of a former state in which I have lived for more than a decade, the idea came to me that I would intervene on the concrete emblem of JUGOSLAVIA by installing neon tubes that form the word MELANCHOLY. The identical number of letters in these two words precisely defines the feeling that is caused by remembering Yugoslavia, the idea of communion and the ideal of freedom that this country inherited. It emerged as a memorial of a personal relationship with the memory of a country that no longer exists. The work Melancholy, proposal for a monument is at the same time an homage to the imaginary spaces that are stored in our memories and whose images are destined to fade, despite our best efforts to preserve them.

Plaster, neon, steel frame, 260 x 500 x 30 cm
Exhibition Ruins of Future Utopia, Eugster || Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition photos: © Ivan Zupanc


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