Once upon a time we were the greatest

The line Once upon a time we were the greatest represents a basis around which an object is built, examining the questions of pensiveness/nostalgia for the past, or for that which remains with us as a memory, without a clear distinction whether it is about a personal history or about a broader social context. The message originates from the authors mishearing of the lyrics to the song by Cat Power, The Greatest (Once I wanted to be the greatest). The idea of ignoring the original text/message and adopting one`s own interpretation as the correct one examines the limits of our perception and (in)ability to objectively perceive that which is left behind after a relationship/process which has ended.

Mirror, LED, metal, fabric, 180 x 220 x 50 cm
Exhibition Of course I still love you, Navigator Art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition photos: Senja Vild


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