Sketch for utopia

The composition is imagined as a template for developing a new utopia. A group of seemingly unrelated objects is placed in front of the observer: a Pokemon placed on a 3D-printed segment of the dome of the Museum of Revolution, which has been reconstructed through Eternal Flame, is “staring” at a plant placed in the bottle of water and letting its roots grow. The assemblage primarily used as a composition of objects for a photograph to be applied to the invitation for the exhibition Ruins of Future Utopia ended up being an object which marks the end of the walk through the gallery, offering a vision for a new utopia.

Wooden shelf, glass bottle, plant, vinyl toy, 45 x 40 x 30 cm
Exhibition Ruins of Future Utopia, Eugster || Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition photos: Ivan Zupanc, Nemanja Knežević


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