Object H

Object H was created as a reaction to the communication strategies in public space. Simple and reduced signs and symbols are employed to express information, directions, restraints, notifications and advertisements to the passers-by in everyday situations. Because they are already inscribed into our visual and social perception, these sings can be read and understood promptly and almost automatically. The letter H appears as a public symbol in many different cultures and languages where it carries different meanings, such as Help, Hospital, Hotel, Helicopter Landing Zone, or Haltestelle and Hilfe in German. Object H is created by 90° crossing of two capital letters H, and made of metal, plexiglass and illuminant. Formally deploying the characteristics of a reduced and easy readable street sign, I wanted to create an object that carries no meaning and inititate confusiont within the beholder, who is used to read any visual form through a set of well-known schemes. By positioning Object H in different situations in public space its non-functionality becomes emphasized.

metal, plexiglass, LED, 150 x 94 x 94 cm


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