The bench

The bench is a metal object resembling a cage which one can sit on, and which contains the artist`s personal belongings – the book Philosophy in a time of terror and an iPhone containing a list of songs, an emotional track list of sorts, which contradicts the ideas expressed in the book. Trapped in a bench, which is a place of rest and contemplation, these objects communicate with the viewer. The antipodes on display here create a space in which these two worlds intertwine and cancel each other out at the same time. Together in their diversity they intensify each other, indicating our loneliness, lethargy and our yearning for love, as well as our inability to satisfy that yearning with another human being.

metal, iphone, book, headphones, 160 x 50 x 50 cm
Exhibition Of course I still love you, Navigator Art Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
Exhibition photos: Senja Vild


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