Selected Texts


Ruins of Future Utopia by Natalija Paunić, published in:, 2018.

Oh yeah… Oh Yeah… by Miloš Zec, published in: Oh yeah… Oh Yeah… (exhibition catalogue) 2017.

Constellation by Paul Ardenne, published in: artpress No.428, 2015.

Tracks and Traces by Ana Bogdanović, published in:, 2015.

Alketa Kurrizo in conversation with Saša Tkačenko for Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, 2014

Closed until Further Notice by Christopher Howard, published in: In Therms of, 2013.

Behind the iconography of terrorism and violence in video works of Saša Tkačenko
by Ana Bogdanović, published in: Manual Work (exhibition catalogue) 2011.


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