Selected Texts


To Build Again Artists about Architectur by Sonja Jankov, published in: To Build Again Artists about Architectur exhibition catalog, 2019

Your Truth, Interpretation and Nostalgia by Eline van der Haak,
published in PARTS Project 12, Your Truth, Interpretation and Nostalgia exhibition catalog, 2019

Saša Tkačenko & Vladimir Miladinović: Your Truth, Interpretation and Nostalgia by John Gayer published in Eyeballing Art, 2019

Full-Scale Architectural Models in Post-Yugoslav Art Practices by Sonja Jankov, published in: Interkulturalnost 16, 2018

To speak of a dead nation in the language of lust by Natalija Paunić, published in: Ruines of Future Utopia book/vinyl, 2018.

In the absence of ancestors by Luka Tripković, published in: Ruines of Future Utopia book/vinyl, 2018.

Events are not important any more by Miloš Zec, published in: Ruines of Future Utopia book/vinyl, 2018.

Ruins of Future Utopia by Natalija Paunić, published in:, 2018.

Oh yeah… Oh Yeah… by Miloš Zec, published in: Oh yeah… Oh Yeah… (exhibition catalogue) 2017.

Constellation by Paul Ardenne, published in: artpress No.428, 2015.

Tracks and Traces by Ana Bogdanović, published in:, 2015.

Alketa Kurrizo in conversation with Saša Tkačenko for Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art, 2014

Closed until Further Notice by Christopher Howard, published in: In Therms of, 2013.

Behind the iconography of terrorism and violence in video works of Saša Tkačenko
by Ana Bogdanović, published in: Manual Work (exhibition catalogue) 2011.


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