Celebreting Ruins

Neon, steel frame, metal, monitors, dimensions variable

Referencing Caspar David Friedrichs painting The Sea of Ice, Saa Tkacenko creates an artificial ruin, originally made for the closing of Ruins of Future Utopia (Eugster in Belgrade, 2018) from disbanded parts of the two titular works from the show, Melancholy and Ruins of Future Utopia. The shattered structures function as a camouflage for nostalgia - whose Greek roots contain the word pain - connected to the tumultuous past of former Yugoslavia.

For the purposes of My Rhino Is Not a Myth, this work is reconstructed and made from materials found on site in Timisoara creating an arch of connection with the local past and nostalgia - each concept a lingering ruin for the other.

My Rhino is not a Myth - Art Encaunters Bienial, Timisoara, Roamnia
Photo: © Adrian Câtu