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metal, mirror, 225 x 600 x 75 cm

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade is closed due to reconstruction for almost 5 years now, with no indication that its revi- talization would be finalized soon. As a visual artist, to whom this fact appears as one of the most important indicators of the dominant relationship of both, the society and individuals towards contemporary art in the local community, I felt the need to intervene through my work and make a statement regarding this alarming situation. Taking the form of the reconstruction fence, which is set during the restoration of buildings to protect the construction site, I transfered the characterisic facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art onto large panels of mirrors. Does the transparent museum reflect us as passive observers of the time in which the bearers of cultural activi- ties appear forgotten?

Exhibition What Happened to the Museum of Contemporary Art?, 2012
Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia