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Krist and Kurt

Video, without sound, endles loop

In the video installation Teen spirit and Krist and Kurt, we discover invisible structures and processes of social code, as well as different ways in which they shape our bodies through popular culture and the media. As you observe Krist Novoselić and Kurt Cobain spinning in infinity, similar to the scene of Jakob wrestling an angel, you realise that they too want to become images. They seem forever trapped on the edge of transformation into the images ready for further semination, while their subjectiveness seems to be fighting a never ending war against their own commodification and objectivisation. Nevertheless, the resistance might be wearing out/persisting, in small and big gestures alike.

Excerpt from the text “Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah…” by Miloš Zec, published in: Oh Yeah… Oh Yeah… (exhib. cat.), Contemporary Gallery, Subotica, Serbia, 2017.