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Exhibition Oh yeah… Oh yeah…, Contemporary Gallery, Subotica, Serbia
Photo: © Nemanja Knežević

video, color, sound, 09’ 16” loop, cotton and wool fabric, dimension variable

Work Patch is a video and an object created on a part of a jumper, private property of a friend, which Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of the band Pearl Jam, threw into the audience during a concert in Budapest in 1996. A young woman is sewing the artefact onto a different piece of clothing, thus giving it bask its concrete function, which was lost by being torn up by the crowd. In and of itself, without knowing the back story, this piece of fabric is nothing but a patch which finds its function in the video. By putting it on a piece of clothing, I am depriving this object of its exclusivity or unusualness. By exhibiting the new jumper/object in the same space where the video is being projected, however, this piece of fabric is regaining its importance- this time as an object of artistic intervention, which automatically turns it into an object desired and admired by the audience in the gallery.