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cement, metal, plasterboard, wood, 460 x 660 x 300 cm

Pavilion is 1:1 replica of the auxiliary building, which is located close to the foundation of the never built Museum of Revolution in Belgrade. This architectural unit is the only remnant of the unrealized museum project. Pavilion was erected for the exhibition “Tracks and Traces” curated by Katharina Schendl, which took place in May and June 2015 at the Belgrade City Museum. By placing the replica of this object in the space of the Belgrade City Museum, which used to be the military academy and printing house, I aim to examine the narrativity of the specific places. The fragile status of social ideas are put into question and the inability of their accumulation are being provoked in the space of the object, which symbolic and cultural value has been abstracted with the course of time.

Exhibition Tracks and Traces, Belgrade City Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

Photo: © Ivan Zupanc