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Plaster, wood, wall color, monitor, dimension variable

The exhibition I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles opens up a field in which the idea of success in modern society is indirectly questioned. The Gallery, or its architectural base to be exact, was used as a polygon on which imaginary territories emitting/showing different information were constructed. The graf on the platform shows the data on employment loss since the beginning of the recession, compared to other financial data, including those from the period of the Great Depression. The screen on the other platform shows the results and qoutas of sports matches, characteristic of the ambiance of betting shops. By contrasting the information, I am creating a kind of mirror, in which the individual, staring at different numbers and statistics demistifies the fragility of the system in which the simulacrum of the perfect order is unconiously eroding.

The fabric on which the text I’m forever blowing bubbles is applied is placed as an abandoned object within the space,
and pathetic deflection from the objective perception of reality.

Exhibition I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, Gallery for Contemporary, Smederevo, Serbia

Photo: © Nemanja Knežević