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Skulls will be crushed

Video installation, color, sound, 1’ 44” looped
extract of the video, 15”

Starting from the text of aggressive graffiti written on building facades in Belgrade – the messages through which the groups of street thugs and hooligans communicate with their fellow citizens and the society at large, such as SKULLS WILL BE CRUSHED, WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU that I see every day in my enviornment – I wanted visualize the brutality of the above mentioned messages and therewith create a situation in which the violence of this type reveals itself as a paradox. As the result the video Skulls will be crushed was made as the embodiment of these threats. I use a metal bar to repeatedly hit the rubber skull, made specifically for the production of this video work, while the persistence and determination as the basic characteristics of this pre-obstructed and thus paradoxical act indicate my attitude toward street violence as unarticulated brutality that does not cause any effects (for which it supposedly stands) other than ephemeral destruction.