Teen spirit


video, color, no sound, 11’ 59” loop

The video installation Teen spirit uses a scene from a concert by the band Nirvana as its starting point. The guitarist Kurt Cobain is placed on the shoulders of the bass player Krist Novoselich and the two keep spinning in circles, creating one of the iconic shows which would later became characteristic for the performances of the band, abounding with destruction of the objects on the stage. In the video, two teenagers are trying to reconstruct this movement. The camera circles around them, and using slow-motion, the video analyses their bodies “frozen” in movement. Unlike the original scene, where the musicians neither have, nor do they try to gain control of the situation, this video is planned and executed with a clear intention of accurately and monumentally reproducing the very moment it fetishizes.

Exhibition Oh yeah… Oh yeah…, Contemporary Gallery, Subotica, Serbia
Photo: © Nemanja Knežević