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The Case of Fabric

Podroom gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia

The exhibition articulates Tkačenko’s examination of space, at first developed as a series of short, night video recordings of street architecture in New York, which developed into a study that comprises one hundred Polaroid photographs. Technically limited potential of the Polaroid (low sensitivity of the camera lens and inability to control the result of the photographic process) followed by unfavorable conditions of night lightning appeared as the adequate framework for the treatment of the sight and its translation into picture. This resulted in a series of Polaroid photographs through which the spectacle of the spread out American flag (as the dominant signifier of the public space) is disrupted, appearing as destabilized object with the emphasis on its materiality. Fabric includes three exhibition segments that investigate the flag of USA as an object deprived of symbolical and ideological implications from different perspectives. Instead, the analysis of the object’s signifying potential and its politicality is performed through examination of material, as well as tactile appearances.

Photo: © N+T